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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

March 28, 2016

Pompoms are  shaking and girls are chanting. We all know what that means the cheerleaders are coming. For a cheerleader as myself I always get asked “ is cheerleading even a real sport”? My response  is always “ YES stop asking me that question”.  There are two types of cheerleading. The first one is Competitive cheerleading. This contain some towns from all fifty states and thier cheer acadamy.Next is school cheerleading meaning only girls who cheer for boys sports.

The first thing I would be talking about is Competitive cheerleading. Competitive cheerleading as I believe is a sport. As all sport it has to contain physical movement and practice. I know from experience there is no way a person can do a toe touch for the first time. This is because Your body has to get flexible in order to do this. The only way to get flexible is my practicing how to do this and stretching so your body can get use to it.  If you're asking what is a toe touch will it is when you jump in the air and spread your legs in order to touch your hands.. Competitive cheerleading contains a compilation which most sports contains and in this cause cheerleader wants to win all star.

I can see how some people say cheerleading is not a sport but that is because  had seen a  school cheerleader not a competitive cheerleader. schools cheerleading is all about making their team seem more stronger. The girls are mostly just sitting  down and chanting. After that they are doing half time with then comes in for like a competitive cheerleader stunts and jumps.
Like any sport girls must tryout. Which girls do while in these try out you must be confident and know what you're doing. It takes a lot of guts going in the air standing on three girls hands. It's scary being up in the air and most girls has to jumps in the air.
     This doesn't just count for girls only . In the competitive world boys are allowed to join a squad. For soccer,,football, baseball, they mostly contain a different group for females and males. In this case it's just cheerleading. When I was a little girl there were at five small gentle men in our squad. Now I believe that 97% of school cheerleading squads contain as female leaving that only three percentage are males. In college in the other hand it's fifty by fifty percent in total.
  I had spend a long time with this question and I can assure you that cheerleading is a sport. Want to more proof ? Go check out on YouTube competitive cheerleading. I know it's going to be great


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