School Days

April 13, 2019

At the age of four I was left alone,
In a new home to learn more.

Learning was my priority but I also did something else,
I made a new family whom I loved more than myself.

I trusted them with all my heart,
But the broke it with just a simple task.
They made new friends to enjoy more,
Leaving me to cry alone.

I was broken like a scattered piece of glass,
Promised myself to never again trust.

Soon enough the promise was broken,
As soon as two angels were given.

I feared that they would leave me in a year,
But we are still best friends even after years.

They removed my fear by not leaving my side,
Even after knowing the worst of mine.

I was a silent bird, they made me the chirpy one,
They taught me to trust people,
Which made me like I was before.

They made my life better than it was before,
And I was happy to get a family once more.

But I was scared that fate would play it's game,
However, the old story didn't repeat again.

We quarreled, we fought but the friendship didn't end,
The thought of leaving each other never even came.

We smiled, we cried, we laughed, we fought,
Those were our happy days which we enjoyed a lot.

But soon our happy days came to an end,
As time came to leave that place.

We were told that in a few days,
The three of us had to part our ways.

Leaving each other wasn't easy at all,
But leaving that place hurt more.

School was the place where we met,
One thing led to the other and we  became best mates.
It held our memories like no where else,
But we had to eave it in a few days.

Leaving the school wasn't easy for us,
And so our eyes were shedding uncontrollable tears.

We promised each other to never forget,
Even if we were staying Earth's different ends,

The promise we made wasn't broken,
That's why we were there crying again.

We roamed around and decided together,
To live the memories once more, which were supposed to be forever.

The empty hall echoed our laughs,
While the past memories captured our hearts,
We smiled remembering those bestie secrets,
And laughed remembering the silly mistakes.

The classrooms we shared were still the same,
Except for the date which was changed a little.
Our final destination, the first benches,
Still held our name like it did back then.

Tears made their way as we remembered,
The days when one used to get punished the others used to cheer,
Which would change the tears into smile,
And the teacher would get scolded for punishing our life.

Looking around we smiled remembering those days,
When we used to fight because of our silliness,
Laughing the next moment after we fought,
We used to enjoy  the rest of the day a lot.

Lame jokes were being cracked, crush songs were being sung,
Not by us but by a new folk.
Everything was there except for us,
And that thought brought back tears.

We walked in the ground wishing the same again,
For the rain to pour so that we can enjoy it together, like back then.

Having the memories refreshed, we stood there holding hands,
Words felt less for the emotions to be expressed.

Tears in eyes and smiles in our faces,
The feeling was something which could never be expressed.

We said nothing but our eyes did,
It spoke of our heart like words never did.

Side by side, holding hands,
We all thought looking at that place,
Nothing could replace those sweet and stupid days,
And we had to admit that school days were the best.

                                                                          ~The End~

This is my first ever poem. I don't know what I wrote but I want you to support me for more. So please tell me if you think that in some place changes are needed.


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