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Should Video Games Be a Sport

March 28, 2016

    Video games should be considered a sport because they require the same things as a sport would. You have to use strategy to be good at any game, you also need a certain level of fitness to be able to play for so long and still be healthy, finally you need to have a certain level of reaction time.
    You need strategy to be able to be good at certain games, but most games still require a bit of strategy. You also need strategy because, if you don’t then you won't be able to play any game well because, you won’t be able to play anything right or tell what your opponent is doing. I would say you need strategy for moba games (the ones where people go down 3 lanes and destroy each other's towers). Just like in football you need a gameplan or you will never keep up with the other team and you will lose.
    You also need to be in shape or you won’t be able to play for a very long time and still be healthy. You also need to be in shape for the last thing, which is reaction time. The more in shape you are, the better your reaction time is. I would also think this is important because if you're not fit and play games for 10 hours a day then you will get very unhealthy fast. Just like you need to be in good shape for all sports to be able to keep up with everyone else.
    The last thing is reaction time you need is to be able to react fast, or before you can you will lose. You also need a good reaction time because if you don’t then you won't be good at games like Call Of Duty where if you can’t react faster than others, you will always lose. You need the reaction time because if someone is behind you and starts shooting you have a limited time before you are dead and lose. Just like in tennis you need to focus on the ball and react fast enough to hit it back and not let it go.
    Those are just a few reasons why Esports should be considered a real sport by everyone because you need all of those traits for other sports as much as Esports. Also something I would like to say is that Esports did air on ESPN before which I think if it can do that then it can become a real sport.
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