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April 13, 2019



i see you first through a black hole. 
the air is heavy or it is nothing at all.
perhaps i call it heavy because my heart is that way, 
and the hearts stuck like a mother’s hand without mercy on my back is a red i will never forget,
and the hearts filling my heart are the only things i carry. 
your heart, i suppose, 
is the only thing that matters, 
because you call it empty and i call it heavy 
and we have never seen air the way it should be seen. 

i see you first through the screen 
or i’ve never seen you before. in a movie 
this is when the stars scream 
and the planets ricochet off of the only thing they understand. maybe it is love or something just as primal
and i suppose that is when i first say i want you
the same way the stars say i need you 
each one pulling pulling dragging dragging 
each other to each other as if without one 
there is no other without you i do not exist
i do not exist i have never existed at least not the way i should.

so through this black hole nothing matters;
how can anything matter when there is no matter. 
i touch you and a lifetime passes by. 
i touch you and your heart turns blue in my chest, 
one heart on another, twisting everything in red blue two. 
in some other movie neither one of us is empty and
you are not heavy. in that movie i am a heart and only a heart. 
in that movie there is no black hole 
no nothing no empty nothing heavy only matter.

only matter and
only me and only you and only the hearts we carry. 

escapril day 13 celestial bodies


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  • r|A|i|N

    i read this twice to absorb it & it only got better. your choice of word is beautifully rhythmic. love this poem.

    over 1 year ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Holy whoa
    Holy whoa
    This is amazing
    There are no words

    over 1 year ago