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What's the point of always dreaming, but never work to make it your reality? Take your experiences with you and have a big imagination, because you never know when you want to write a story, your story.
~A. Northem

Black is the Color of Hate

April 13, 2019

Black is the color of hate
So then why was I created this way?
I tried to rub off my skin to see if there was whiteness underneath
But the dull, brown skin stayed.

Black is the color of hate
I’ve grown up to believe I was cursed.
When teams were picked for games at school
The white men were always chosen first.

Black is the color of hate
I hated my thick hair and my wide nose.
I hated everything about myself
From my head to my ashy knees to my toes.

Black is the color of hate
Why couldn’t I be white?
White is the color of the sunlight,
While black is the color of a cold, eerie night.

Black is the color of hate
Will they assume that I’m a part of a gang?
I don’t want to be viewed as a stereotype
And have my life go out with a bang.

Black is the color of hate
Sometimes I don’t feel accepted in a room.
When people look, stare, and glare,
I feel like I’ve entered my tomb.

So why, why, why do I have to be the color of hate?
Why does black have to be innate?
One day God showed me the things to love
From the impact of my color to my traits.

Black is the color of great
It comes from the soul within.
You need to dig underneath your pain
And see where your beauty begins.

Black is the color of great
Are you not my child, whom I love?
You're the color of the night sky,
Where your beauty shines like the stars up above.

Black is the color of great
From whom did the sounds of jazz come from?
For black soil is where the vegetation grows.
So don't look so glum.

Black is the color of great
You make up a part of the wings on the monarch.
You're the color of the smart raven
And the majestic, black bear, which are all My works of art,

Black is the color of great
Just look at the smile I gave you.
Your teeth are glowing like the precious pearls,
And your crying heart is glowing too.

So no, no, no, you're not the color of hate!
Everything is beautiful, every single thing I've created.
But you, little one, I treasure the most,
Because with you, the world is now captivated.

For those of us who don't feel like we belong,
Treasure this, for it's never too late:
No matter what kind of color we are,
We are all GREAT!


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  • Quille

    Amen! Awesome job & good luck in the contest! :DD

    7 months ago