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“Kendrick Lamar: Is The People's Champion Here To Stay?”

By: TimCrane.0

Many artists come and go, and there are so few who can stand the test of time and not get killed, not adjust to the new generations, or just old to listen to, but I believe that Kendrick Lamar is the artist who can stand the test of time.
First, he is known in the streets and ghettos so he can relate to people. Lamar is an artist who grew up in Compton, California. Which is a city full of poverty, where, in his school, no family made more than minimum wage. There are many gangs in the city of Compton and gun violence is very common. There are an average of 374 violent crimes per square mile in Compton.  Because of this, he knows people in gangs and has been in some gangs as well, so, no one is probably going to try to kill him because of his street credit. Artists like 2pac and Biggie Smalls have gotten murdered because they started a rivalry between gangs and between each other. Lamar on the other hand, knows first hand what death is like, so he doesn’t start fights with nobody in the risk of getting killed.
Kendrick Lamar is an artist who likes to mix up his songs. Meaning that he has a wide variety of songs in each one of his albums. He changes up the beat and the format of every single one of his songs. For example, his song A.D.H.D, sounds completely different than his song Hol’ Up, which were released on the same day in the same album, Section 80. New generations will like his music because of the new styles of songs he produces.
Last, Lamar is an artist that you can never get tired of listening to. Like I mentioned, he changes up the beat with every song. Most of the other artists today produce the same type of song every album or every mixtape. With Lamar, you do not know what you are going to get every time he says a line. None of his lyrics are the same in every song he has made. He has made so many songs, that it can take days to listen to every one of his songs in a row.
Kendrick Lamar is a big star in music without a doubt. He is the one artist today who can stand the test of time and keep making music until he can’t talk anymore because of the reasons that I have previously mentioned.

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Peer Review

I liked the title.

This writer thinks Kendrick Lamar is the best there ever was.

The writer talks about Kendrick's background a lot.

Some evidence?

It was decent!

Try and prove that he is the best. Give your readers a reason to listen to him!

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