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missed yesterday oops but i was on a plane. i’m hoping that i’ll get to do it in a few weeks when i have the time

it starts with skin #escapril

April 13, 2019



it starts with skin,
strip me bare, layer by layer as
fingers peeling an orange, dig into the flesh, 
the blood, the bone. 
i am spilled pulp
surrounded by a sun that rots it’s worshippers 
and a god that never stops looking. 

so leak me forward,
squeeze me through, 
wring me out like dish rags drawn in muddy waters. 
there will be nothing dirty here. 
you can touch me like something sanctified
but i am fruit flesh scoured in flies.
no skin here. 
only water 
threading through muscle, 
through blood, through the bone. 

i heard 
god has mercy on the washed. 
tomorrow i will stand under a rain
and walk away clean. 
for escapril day 12 spring cleaning 


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  • loveletterstosappho

    i love your sharp, purposeful diction and lush imagery so much, and am beginning to suspect you have a thing for oranges in your writing

    over 1 year ago