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2019 Write the World Peer Ambassador Alumnus

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I love writing, you love writing, let's be friends.

Bread and Light

April 12, 2019

PROMPT: Bread and Light

  1. Any ways in which knowledge are offered freely nourishes my mind and so I can say I lived a life that took every advantage of the world given.
  2. Writing, bleeding words of emotions and fantasies to nourish my soul, cleansing it of any stories that may have been weighing it down.
  3. Drawing, bringing colors into this world to nourish my heart and my love for vibrancy and life.
  4. Movies and books, heroes and villains, an innocent man and his inner villains, battles and personal narratives, stories that nourish my imagination, teaching me to stretch the boundaries of what’s real.
  5. My friends, who I can speak to about anything meaningful to trivial, whose conversations I have with nourish my being and need to belong.

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