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The Bag With My Name

April 12, 2019

I walk into a house that I've never known
With my trash bag filled with all the things that I own
I meet the cousins I didn't know I had
Who pretend that they don't know what happened to my mom and dad

I'm shown to my room that I will now share 
And think of my family as I say a sad prayer
As I talk to my aunt I try not to cry 
But all I want to do is ask my aunt, Why? 
Why did my dad end up in jail
Why was my mom still glugging cocktails

Even at such a young age I knew my mom drank too much 
Because when she drank alcohol, she hurt everything she touched

I'm left alone in a room that's suppose to be mine
But "only for a little while, it will be fine"
But what my aunt didn't know 
Was that I'd be stuck there for years
Back from from my parents house and then back here

Four years, I met people who claimed it would be okay 
But my mom and dad missed four of my birthdays 
They missed my recitals and all my school plays 
They missed when I moved far, far away

They are still missing now as I live in a new house 
With my siblings, a family, with a mom and her spouse
And although I am now happy
I didn't know it then 
When I sat praying to God, and ended with an Amen

I kneel on the floor as I unpack my rucksack 
And let my tears slide down my face as I hoped my parents would come back


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