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The Silence

April 11, 2019


I was born into a world of noise. The bustling of nurses, phones ringing, heart monitors, and other glorious noises of the hospital is something I thought I’d never miss, yet here I am 11 years later, hoping to hear the slightest noise. A raindrop, a whisper, anything that could remind me of noise. It’s April 27, 2018, and a few weeks ago, the sound ceased to exist. My friend Brooke texted me saying that she couldn’t hear, and before I knew it, I saw a red and green striped flash, couldn’t hear either. Panicked, I myself walked outside my home to see dogs barking, but no sound. An ambulance zipped by with its lights flashing; silence. My mom was yelling for me to get out the road, and I couldn’t hear her; I would have died if I hadn’t seen her point to the oncoming Chevrolet Impala. People were outside screaming, I think. Two women had passed out after losing their hearing. I felt my throat vibrate as I tried to speak. Silence. Little did we realize, it was the beginning of the end. 

In general, I love quiet, but I do enjoy the occasional break from my silence. It is said that isolation over a long period of time or extended exposure to silence can cause insanity, and I’m starting to think that I am going insane. When I’m not writing to get my feelings out, I’ve been hallucinating visions of “Tom and Jerry” cartoons and random peoples’ weddings. I’ve also been thinking when I’m not writing. 
Science says that sounds need a medium, like air to travel through so that we can hear. That’s why we can’t hear in space. However, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to hear because there’s air, hence the fact that we’re all still breathing. No one has been to school or work because of our hearing loss, so I went to the deserted town hall in Lithonia to see if they had anything in the archives. They had medical records saying that most people in my town had reported seeing a red and green striped flash before not being able to hear.  
Oh no, I thought, that what I saw when I was texting Brooke. What does that have to do with anything, though? 
I ran out of the town hall and back to my silent world when something amazing happened. Out of the blue, I heard footsteps and slow clapping. 
“Bravo,” a high-pitched voice said, “You solved the mystery. Now you can hear, only because you know, DeMarcus.” 
A chill was sent down my spine, for that was the first thing I had heard in over a month. 
My head was a swivel chair turning in all directions. I couldn’t see who the voice belonged to. I saw a woman shushing her baby, a man running frantically, and a child crying, but I couldn’t hear them. It immediately dawned upon me; I was crazy.  
I couldn't see the voice’s owner because it was in my head.  
Maybe I hadn't read the records, I thought, maybe the stripe was a coincidence. 
I ran away from the town hall and didn't stop running until I reached Wendy's by Publix. I went inside and got a burger and a Sprite, which is the best thing to eat in a crisis. 
“So, this is the place you go for comfort,” the voice announced abruptly  
I dropped my Sprite in shock and proceeded to find a bike. The man who owned called the police, which was obvious, so I rode as fast as ever. I sharply turned into my subdivision and heard saw the blinking police and ambulance lights zoom past me. They turned a corner that leads to my friend Daquan’s house. The bike almost toppled over as a turned to follow them. 
Once I got there, I saw a limp, bloody Daquan on the driveway of his two-story home. I didn’t know if I had screamed, but that’s what it felt like when I opened my mouth. I just sat down next to him and sobbed. As I sat down, I felt tears trickle down my cheek onto my neon green hoodie as I watched my best friend get covered by the police blankets. 
Daquan is dead, I thought to myself. 
Dead, Dead, Dead, I repeated. 
The voice came back. This was the absolute worst thing that could’ve happened  
“You can save yourself, but others will die,” that annoying voice revealed. 
 No, I thought, That’s impossible. Die? 
“Yes,” the voice cackled maniacally.  

Daquan’s mom ran out screaming and sobbing. She grabbed and yanked the EMT, desperately trying to get her son back. Tear tracks raced down her thin, ovular face as she screamed for Daquan, a look of sorrow and horror in her eyes.  
Her lips moved in the shape of his name as she kept screaming. Daquan’s warm, friendly voice never answered. His thin, twig-like arms never reached out again to greet me when I walked down the street. His dark brown eyes would never have the glint that our jokes once gave them. I got up and pulled his mom away. She looked at me – most likely-  in utter shock at my “disrespect.”  
I proceeded to lead her to the kitchen and make her some tea. She nodded in gratitude as I handed her the steaming black mug. I hugged before I left and gestured for her to text me if she needed anything.  
As I walked out the door, I thought about what the voice had said. It gave me a question. 
If I die, will this all end? I thought. 
I went out to my bike and raced home. I felt a rumbling behind me and assumed it was just a truck getting on I-285 as usual. Suddenly, my lungs became enveloped in car exhaust as the sun began to set. The last thing I remember was seeing the word Impala against a hazy blue background. I heard the car screeched to a halt as I limply rolled into the curb. Fortunately, it went back to silence. 
I was weightless before joining Daquan in eternal silence. No more people will die because of what I know. That Impala made that an absolute sure.  
Alas, the voice came back for one last time. 
“Only with your demise will we stop this. You know too much,” it droned, “and now that you’re dead, it’s all over.” 
My last thought was a simple, blunt, Screw you. 


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