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"Do you think even the worst person can change...? That everyone can be a good person, if they just try?" -Sans

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This was published on another sight for a mini competition; "Write a story of any length about a hero gone bad or a villain gone soft."


March 13, 2016


Killing people was no easy task. It never is, and never will be. Nineteen year old Lilith was no special case. Lilith Teivel - a teenage girl with simple, straight dark hair reaching just above her shoulders and teal irises that seemed to glow in the  dark - was nothing but an assassin and a murderer. She killed for money. She didn’t want to, but she forced herself to believe she enjoyed her job. She was good at what she did, too - killing without getting caught, given she only took down those who were inferior and therefore unimportant to anyone but their families. It came naturally to her. This was only because she had set her mind to think that anyone she killed was never innocent. They were guilty of something; everyone was. This thought is what kept her going. The thought that everyone is guilty, therefore no one is innocent.


    Lilith was on another job again that night, the 23rd of August. She had turned all her emotions off, just as she always did before a murder. Correction; assassination. A justice towards society.

    She was off to eradicate a woman by the name of Cecilia Natori. At least, she thought that was what her name was. Lilith took no care in remembering her target’s names, because to her, their names were as insignificant as they themselves were.

    According to the man who had hired her - she doesn’t recall his name either - Cecilia was at fault for cheating on her husband multiple times. Lilith commonly received jobs in which her target had cheated, so she felt no remorse for the male, nor would she for the female. Cecilia deserved what was coming. They always did.

    It was dark out, and clouds were rolling in. Lilith could smell the familiar scent of rain about to fall. She needed to make this quick if she was to make it to Cecilia’s home before the inevitable downpour. Pulling up the midnight black hood of her cloak, she began her trek down the shadowy sidewalks illuminated only by the tall lampposts set up about twenty feet from each other.

    She had no worries regarding getting caught. No one would be awake at this time, and even if they were, they wouldn’t think anything of her. No one who noticed her existence ever thought anything of her. She was nothing more than a nameless individual who traversed the streets on the darkest evenings, on their way home from the bar. That was her identity in this town; a loner who spends their time at the bar. It was, in a sense, her cover story.

    There wasn’t much to the target’s house; just a simple two-story home, orange during the day and seemingly brown at night. It only had eight windows; two on either side of the house, and on each floor. The front and back had just a wooden door to keep the walls from being completely blank. Lilith considered claiming the mediocre residence as her own after ridding it of its current inhabitant, but waved the thought aside after realizing how silly it was. She would stick to getting the job done.

    She felt the small sensation of water droplets lightly hitting her cloak, and took the chance to silently scurry into the building. Shutting the door behind her with a light thud, she took a look around. There really wasn’t much to see besides the usual living room decor; a sofa, a coffee table, a fireplace, a television. Everything else was too dark to make out. So the front door led straight into the den? It didn’t matter much to Lilith, but she took note of it anyway before carefully heading for the stairs. They made no noise; Good.

    The second floor consisted of only a hallway leading to three doorways. The man had spoke of this, but only described the one on the right to be a bathroom and the one on the left being his and Cecilia’s bedroom. He said nothing about the door in the middle. No matter; Lilith was here to complete a job, not ponder over doors.

    She stepped forward, reaching out and twisting the brass knob of the door to the left, opening it as quietly as she could manage. The bedroom was small and for the most part empty, filled with nothing but a nightstand, a simple king size bed, and what looked to be some sort of potted plant in the far corner. The room had two windows, both on the same wall and about three feet away from each other. Why a room needed two windows, Lilith didn’t know, but she didn’t care, either. Again, she was here for an assassination, not to check out the house.

    There was a feminine form lying on the bed - Cecilia. Silently treading over, Lilith observed how peaceful the woman looked in her sleep. May she carry that tranquil expression into the afterlife.

    Just then, a loud crack of thunder shook the house, startling Lilith. She hadn’t even noticed how bad the rain outside had gotten until now. She readied herself to run and hide, only to see that Cecilia didn’t seem to be bothered. She must have been one of those people; logs, was it? Lilith didn’t much understand or care for sayings of that caliber, so she couldn’t recall how it went exactly.
    With her gloved hand, she reached into one of the pockets inside her cloak - the one that kept her knife well hidden. She pulled it to her side. She took her time, noting how beautiful Celia was - a brunette with locks as wavy as the sea, skin as flawless and bright as a cloudless blue sky. It was no wonder she was cheating; a woman like her deserves better than the man with shaggy brown hair and a poorly shaven beard back at the bar. Still, she had done him an injustice and was going to pay for it.
    Raising her knife soundlessly, she hovered it just above the target’s heart. Placing her hand over said target’s mouth, she watched as the woman’s eyes blinked open. Ah, so she’ll sleep through a thunderstorm, but is awoken by a simple touch. How peculiar.

    Her hazel eyes widened, and she would have screamed if it wasn’t for the hand keeping her from doing so as the knife was plunged deep into her once beating heart. Lilith shushed her softly, noticing the dark bed sheets become darker with blood and the small set of tears now rolling down her target’s cheeks. She refused to call her by her name now - a name is no longer of any use to this woman, and is as dead as she is. Lilith hummed gently, removing her hand and closing the woman’s lifeless eyes. She was happy to see that the woman did indeed keep her look of peace from before.

    That happiness soon faded at the sound of a small gasp from behind her. She turned her head slightly to see the form of a young girl standing in the doorway, eyes wide. She had hair almost like her victim’s, but more bouncy than wavy. With the help of a flash of lightning, Lilith could see she had eyes very similar to the target’s. This was the woman’s daughter.

    Lilith’s own glowing eyes narrowed. The man at the bar said nothing about their being a child. Despite her supposed to be emotionless during these jobs, she always hated the thought of hurting a child in any way, and therefore refused to take jobs that had anything to do with children. She felt her heart skip a beat and nearly shatter against her will, but kept her composure.

    Setting her blade down next to the body of the child’s mother, she pulled up the blankets to hide what she had done and smiled. She turned completely to fully face the daughter and spoke in the softest tone she could muster; “Hello. What is your name?”

    “What have you done to mommy?” she asked in reply. Lilith shook her head at this.

    “It’s okay, mommy just needed help getting to sleep.”

    “You help people get to sleep?” she inquired wondrously, eyes sparkling with confusion. Lilith only nodded in reply. If only the child knew the meaning behind what she was asking.

    “If you helped mommy get to sleep, then can you help me, too?”

    She thought this over, then sighed, “Are you afraid of storms?”

    The daughter nodded this time, and Lilith smiled again. “Sure, come here.” she beckoned, and the girl immediately hurried over and hugged Lilith as she knelt down to her height. She hated what she had to do next.

    Sliding a syringe out from her sleeve, she examined the bright liquid inside behind the child’s back. It was the fastest killing poison she had on hand. One injection of this, and the child would die instantaneously. Lilith would be able to go home and forget this ever happened.

    But she wouldn’t. She realized that very quickly; she would never be able to live normally after killing a child. Then again, she never really had a normal life to begin with, now that she thought about it.

    “You’re good at this.” the girl suddenly yawned. Snapping out of her thoughts, Lilith blinked.

    “Am I?” she asked.

    “Mhm.” the daughter nodded tiredly in reply. Lilith smiled at that.

    “Say, you never told me your name.”

    “Mila.” is all the girl said before falling asleep in Lilith’s arms.

    “Mila, huh? Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl. How about a deal, eh? I’ll keep you alive, if you come with me. Oh, ha, you’re asleep. I guess you don’t really have much of a choice then, do you? Alright, up we go.” Lilith carefully picked Mila’s form up, carrying her out the bedroom door. The middle door was open, but Lilith paid no mind to that detail. She had already deducted that the room belonged to a child after seeing Mila. That room was no longer hers now, anyway. Neither was this house.


    It’s been five years since the night of August 23rd. Lilith doesn’t take jobs anymore, nor does she even go to the bar. She’s twenty-four, and Mila’s nine. Mila, after learning a manipulated truth of what happened to her original mother, quickly accepted Lilith as her new guardian. After that, Lilith refused to take any jobs. Mila had indirectly helped her realize the error in her ways, and in return, Lilith helped her get over her fear of storms. The two were happy together. Lilith homeschooled Mila, but they both still found the time to go outside and socialize. They walked to the park everyday, and Lilith found a new job at a place called ‘Cup ‘n Cone’. It didn’t pay much, but she got enough money to care for Mila. She even met her boyfriend there - Jake, a ginger with a smile that could melt the iciest of hearts and caramel eyes that screamed adventure and curiosity. That’s exactly how he was; adventurous as well as an adventure, curious as well as a curiosity. He was never boring, always coming up with new things to do and new ways to do them. Mila had her own group of friends that she hung out with whenever she got the chance. The band only consisted of Mila and three other girls - Kelly, Cleo, and Bella - but the three of them were the best of friends there ever was. Lilith loved her new life, and she hoped it stayed they way it was. Only one thought kept that hope shining. The thought that everyone is guilty of something, but everyone can be innocent if forgiven.


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