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April 11, 2019

When my thoughts fade to white as I rest,
And reality melts away,
A glorious world emerges,
From my mind's usual disarray.

The familiar disappointment that life holds,
Seems to dim against bright dreams,
A carefree and wonderful land,
Where nothing is as it seems.

Impossible surprises around every corner,
And curiosity that is never sated,
Reality is inverted and twisted,
Every breath is heavily bated.

I float as light as a feather,
No more darkness that crushes like stone,
Laughter rings and peace resonates,
I am free, no longer flesh and bone.

I am a new creature without worry or sorrow,
I no longer bleed, instead I shine,
Until I wake up and slip away,
From a place that was never mine.

The euphoria of dreaming is temporary,
A brief pleasure, a breath of fresh air,
But living can be just as surprising and varied,
Life, in itself, holds it's own flare.



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