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Flower Chains

April 13, 2019


Flower Chains are what they call the children's links of delicate flowers,
Placed on their heads like crowns-
That could crumble with the wind.
Lost somewhere between Eden and the Abyss,
In the space between violin strings;
The playing has began to shake me more awake than I ever should be.
Maybe I am blind,
Or maybe just dumb.
The birdsong,
Does it make up for the freedom I lost?
My golden prison bars, 
Do they make this my home?
The buzz of honey bees, going places I never can,
Their honey will never be as sweet as wings-
Or at the very least, a stinger.
Handcuffed by clouds,
10,000 pounds of water;
Lightning dances on my fingertips
But I can’t tell if it tickles or burns.
Flower Chains, like laurel wreaths, a symbol of something won,
But for many more something lost.
Still, they crumble, like sand in the wind.
I was running from you,
But where can I go?
I said you were my everything, my world, my life,
Now there isn't anywhere left to hide.
Stars are beautiful,
But they hurt more than rose thorns,
I have felt both, 
I have bled,
I have burned.
Flower Chains are meant to be delicate-
But the Flower Chains that bind me are a little bit stronger.

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