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I am a 18 year old Latina. My birth date is 01-29-2000. I like Owls and ketchup. I don't care about what people think about my Race and sexuality.

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Im bisexual if you don't like it sorry im latina if you don't like it sorry not the place for you. want this to be a place where I can be myself and have no one judge me.

He's so cute and dorky

April 11, 2019


there is this boy I like and there is a problem my friend likes him too oh well i think she still does. he is cute and dorky that i cant help it. sometimes he doesnt talk to me and i kind of get upset. i dont chase him of course but i feel like he is mad at me and it kinda breaks my heart. he gives me butterflies everytime i talk to him i get so happy you know like a child on chritmas morning. I dont know how to stop this feeling but I don't think i dont want it to 


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