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March 18, 2016

Kennedy Gonnerman
Ms. Sahly
College Writing and Research
28 February 16
Smart Phones
    Something that is a huge problem in today's society, is smartphones. It may be an even bigger problem In today’s school districts also with children being on their phones during class time and making it difficult to learn. I know sometimes I am guilty of it too, but I know that I don’t have that big of a problem. The question is “Do you spend too much time playing games on your smartphones?”  I believe that there is a solution to this problem but it is going to take the parents to help out if it is a young kid, and if it is a adult it takes self discipline.
    I am sure that mostly everyone in today’s world can agree that technology has taken over our lives. Sometimes, it can be a good thing and other times it can be a bad thing. In this certain problem, I am talking about games on smartphones, and again it can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Some games are very beneficial for people, there are games out there that are for children to help them learn how to write and read and figure out their colors and number and ABC’s. Yet there are games out there that are full of killing and shooting that is not good games, and a lot of people know that these are the types games that are taking of over people’s lives.
    When looking up this problem on the internet something popped up that somehow did not surprise me at all. They now have sources to look up with Verizon phone is best for playing games on it, and this is what I found out. According to Verizon, the Microsoft Lumia  735 is the best phone for gamers because it is allowed to connect to your XBOX and play from there. That phone has such a thing called “Smart Glass App" connected into the phone which makes the phone have a second screen on the phone”, so allowing the gamers to get more into the game. (Verizon Wireless) They make the phone able to have two screens so they can also be playing two people at one time, which will just get them more envolved. For example, a person could be playing Call of Duty, and that game is all about killing people, and zombies. They could have two different games going on the phone that they can be playing against their brother on one side and their friend on the other side.

    I believe that the solution is very simple, (but this is also coming from someone who is not addicted to it.)  So everyone should just have to not download the games. If you know that you are going to get addicted, don’t get it. Another way to avoid getting addicted to it, would be you could set aside 20 minutes a day to sit down and play games on your phone, but when that time frame is up you have to put the phone away.

“Smart Glass App” Verizon Smartphones eHow.
    March 11, 2015.


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