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tell me

April 10, 2019

what image can you show me that will make me believe in God.
what is the thing that changes your mind, makes you think, "its not all bad"
because each 
starving child
suicidal teenager
trapped man
and contained woman
thinks otherwise
so which rainbow was it that made you believe in God?
what magical ray of sunshine did you find?
tell me your secret.
tell me why you believe in anything.
tell me.
because i have not yet heard a reason,
that made me forget
the holocaust or slavery.
i have not yet found i reason to live.
so tell me tell me.
what image can you show me that will make me believe in God?



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  • Mary Wall

    I wish I could offer you something to convince you to think about God differently. I wish I could help you. But that's up to you. All I can do it tell you, and God does the rest. When I think about something that makes believe in God, I think of a old manger, and a blood-stained cross, and an empty tomb. To believe takes faith. I hope that someday you can see what I'm saying. Sorry, I rambled a bit.:)

    almost 1 year ago