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This is why I prefer steeple chases.

Going For Gold

March 13, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

   Kary crouched behind the makeshift starting line of chalk. He was in sprinting position; palms parallel to the concrete, eyes facing ahead, and ready to pounce forward. His two sisters, Jenna and Kele, rushed to their positions. They synchronised their stopwatches then signaled each other from across the block. Kary stared down the row of his neighbors' garbage cans. He cleared all doubt of failure from his head. Kele pointed her fingers to the sky.

    "Ready, set, go!" she said.

    She shot her arm down and watched as her brother shot off. Kary imagined escape from a hungry leopard while he leaped over meter-wide gaps. He rhythmically pushed off the earth; 1,2,3, jump! He successfully cleared the first gap. Kary quickened the rhythm of his cadence; 1,2,3, jump, 1, 2-3, jump! He stuttered and sluggishly rotated his trail leg over the ledge of the gap. The predator clawed after the cloth of his shirt. Beads of sweat perspired from off of his body as he continued down the final stretch. 1,2,3, jump! He could hear the growl of the feline as it closed the distance between them. 1, 2, 3, jump! He soared between the final two ledges. When he landed, he made a mad dash for the finish line. Jenna stopped the clock as he crossed the boarder of the safe haven. The leopard vanished in a puff of smoke and concrete filled in the divides of earth.

    "New world record, Kary," Jenna said. "For the fastest time you've done this much property damage." Kary regretfully looked at the piles of trash spread across the ground behind him. Great.


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1 Comment
  • † Skyward Bound †

    Hah! This is golden, XD I like how you uniquely bind humor and excitement. The fast paced tempo lightened the mood, and I had fun reading this. Good work! Keep writing sand God bless!

    7 months ago