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"Writing is a passion I have never understood, yet a storyteller is all I've ever wanted to be."
-Ruth Parks

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My name is Ellen, and I’m just a high school junior, trying to survive “the best years of my life.” I take on too much for my own good, but I’m dedicated to managing all of it, especially in my clubs. In my “free time,” I like to wander infrequently traveled paths (like good ol’ Robert Frost), and, of course, write. I also enjoy the occasional novel and strumming the strings of my guitar. In the future, I plan to attend a local college for degrees in Secondary Education with a specialization in English and Creative Writing. I hope to teach high school English and write novels (yes, at the same time) upon graduation from college.

the girl with skinny jeans and big glasses

March 13, 2016

PROMPT: Quartet

Her dreams reached the skies, yet she only scratched them in pencil behind the closed covers of worn notebooks. Waves danced at her glance, yet she only blamed the tides. Fire resided in her heart, yet she only avoided dark corners. Earthquakes shook inside her bones, yet she only ever lay in soft, white bedsheets. 

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  • Hanan Adi

    Your contradictory phrasing is so interesting. Is the girl anyone in particular? Just an observation: I don't know about skinny jeans, but you (and Suri) wear big glasses . . .

    almost 3 years ago