Alicia O Sullivan


A Woman's World

March 18, 2016

The 8th of March was proudly celebrated throughout the world as International Women's Day, sadly many people thought it was justified to call such a day "sexist" and "discriminative".
The day is not just a day for the celebration of Gods beautiful creation of Woman and the utter most astounding mortal that is she, but a day to celebrate how far respect has developed for Women. 
In 76 countries, the rate at which women died in childbirth dropped by at least 40%. Girls now enroll in primary school at nearly the same rate worldwide as boys. Almost all of the national constitutions adopted since 1995 include guarantees for gender equality, whereas only 79% of constitutions enacted before them contained the same protection. Yet these and other remarkable achievements are not universal. Freedom and equality are often contingent on factors like geography, income, age, race and sexual orientation. While some girls attend school, for example, others are physically attacked by extremists for trying to do so.Accurate measurements are almost impossible to obtain as the government fails to provide us with uniformed data for certain cases eg. Poverty rates for women and girls.
Today, more than four out of five constitutions have some mechanism to guarantee gender equality.We are developing our gender equality and it has become a social awareness and something that the majority of people have alot of respect for.I personally believe that a lot of men feel threatened by the word "feminism".I believe all second level education students should be greatly informed about the definition of feminism and that it is about both men and women respecting eachother.My point here being that if people in general were more aware of how far gender equality has come and were informed less narrowly about feminism maybe we wouldn't have pessimistic views on celebrating Women.
On average, women devote up to three hours more each day to housework than men, including two to 10 times more time on family care, and one to four fewer hours on work outside the home.It saddens me that we still have the old age view that women must so the domestic duties in the home whereas men receive third level education and provide the staple of the income for the family.We should encourage women to education rather than reproducing early in life.
We obviously still have along way to go with gender equality as women in every country face inequality every day in the home, in the workplace, in the church etc.But we are progressing vastly, with more advertisement and a one true leader we can change the world and grant equality to everyone everywhere.


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