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i struggle with the 'ruleless' format of poetry but any feedback, especially those focused on evoking emotion, is highly appreciated!


April 16, 2019

In a garden between hedges of sorrow and
fields of glory, grew 
ten thousand and one flowers.
They were Roses
beloved bells, perfumed love
and they were Lilies
like lost fairies you loved in the woods and
never forgot
And they were Petunias
kaleidoscopic, chaotic, melodic
and they were even Weeds
vengeful and cruel and obnoxious but
undeniably ugly
Noted, catalogued and brushed
listed, captured and lush
all except the

For though they were watered with the same tears,
glistened with the same opportunities,
there was
Forgettable- sewn in her petals,
Unremarkable- weaved in her roots,
Mediocre- entangled in her untouched pollen.
For Roses were eternally beloved
despite their tangled thorns that left dirt
and blood, tangy and strong, under fingernails,
and the Petunias and Lilies cherished,
for friends over boardwalks instead of lovers in sheets,
soft comfort under mesmerising rain, immortalised,
and Weeds, rippling emotion ripping through them.
Picked and sold and plucked and cut,
the nameless flower never knew the violence
of being chosen, of being noticed,
of being there.
But there was a blind, intoxicating poison of being wanted,
of being a choice, for someone to look at you and

Perhaps it was why a nameless flower in a nameless time,
Rained with the possibility and pressure to wither,
planted life unrooted, 
chose instead
to blossom



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  • JadeAndSerpentine

    This is really pretty, and I like your usage of capitalization. Great work!

    about 1 year ago