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Things can seem bad, and that's okay. However, it's important to look for the good, no matter how small it might be. You're doing amazing, You are correct, and You are valid.

With love, FamouslyInfamous

A Broken Doll, Suddenly Fixed

April 9, 2019


    I'm sitting in a plastic chair thats hard and uncomfortable. The tears run a river down my face, poisoned by the black of my mascara. I feel you gently remove one of your hands from my back and place it on my chin, lifting up and forcing me to look at you. I look at your eyes, the ones I am in love with. I listen as you sing to me, a song I used to know. A song used for ridding me of all sadness, of numbing the pain that I feel. A song that now leaves your lips in a sweet melody. When you're finished, you wipe the river away, and you take my hand. "We're going to get out of here now, okay?" You ask as you help me stand and guide me away from my own thoughts.
    I'm sitting in your car, feeling defeat in my core. My cheeks feel stale, my mind is blank. I am wrapped in a jacket that is much too big for me, and it smells like home even though it did not come from the place that I live. You are driving, taking me farther and farther away from what I wanted to escape so bad. You reach over and take my hand, then squeeze it; Once, twice, a third. A song comes on, it's your favorite. You sing along, harmonizing with the original track. I close my eyes and listen.
    I'm laying with you, and your arms are wrapped around me. You kiss my head and tell me things are okay and I believe you. You have a way of making the bad go away, and I'll never know how to thank you for that. My phone is buzzing, the troubles I am escaping coming back for one final blow. I ignore them, allowing myself to drift away into a calm sleep.


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