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i’m basically deeply unsastisfied with every poem i’ve written/will write for escapril. also! i’m going to sweden in a couple days for a week ish so these will be much harder to produce. i’m still optimistic, but we’ll see (i won’t have my laptop with me :/)

the orange we create #escapril

April 9, 2019



fireflies stuck in the yellow 
trapped like dirt under nails. 
summer interrupts like this; 
too much sun over night-washed secrets 
and everywhere i look 
it is you and you and you.
powder detergent spidering 
white over our palms, always close, never touching;
and you and you and you. 
sweat in my eyes, laughter in yours.
summer creeps and i fit a lopsided puzzle piece
into the crooked ridges of your home.
you pull back all the edges but i suppose 
i will always love what you hate, will always want what you have, 
like the warmth of my finger
tracing the red of your lips, kissing the world dizzy pink, 
the soft curve of your neck in the glow of a sun that is
kind when it has never known softness. 
i touch the space between your shoulder blades. 
foreign skin between waterfalls that run black, 
stuck in the middle of violet,
and spill the orange we create. 

for escapril day 9 prompt focus on the color


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