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The Grass is Always Greener?

By: Juliana


The grass is always greener on a hill.
What a ridiculous proposal, dear.
I've seen the shifting sky in snow and rain,
in sunrise, sunset, and the dead of night;
it changes like a horse's appetite.
I've seen the waves of seas unending roll,
a blue and murky shade of dolphin tears.
But how can I imagine without toil,
the greener greens that have not greener grown?

Message to Readers

So again, I don't write poetry. All I know is that this is iambic pentameter, and that I wrote it really quickly cause I just noticed our grass is really green.....that is all.

Peer Review

The constant referencing of the small things that really seem to be overlooked. I was frankly moved by the description of the waves as a “shade of dolphin tears. ”

When referencing the shifting sky, you compared it to horse’s appetite in the way it changes. I’ve only heard of horses being perpetually hungry, so I was wondering what you meant by this?

Reviewer Comments

I honestly love this piece as I too have an appreciation for the greener grasses in life. I hope to read more of your grass-based works soon. This was really cool!