Where I am From

May 24, 2019

I am from the blood that was spilled in a fight for my freedom,
From the endless conflicts that raged throughout our history.
I am from many victories won with swords and arrows,
From the cheers of heroes riding back home,
From the weeping of widows who only see a slab of stone.
I am from the clip-clop of a horse’s hooves,
As they ride through a bloody war,
From the soil, they help plow after things settle down.
I am from the seeds that sprouted from this infected soil,
From the red flowers that mark the grave of the fallen.
I am from the red of the paprika,
From the golden dust, it leaves behind,
From the ting of spice, it leaves in my mouth.
I am from a steaming bowl of chopped meat stew,
From floating vegetables and boiling potatoes,
From a salty broth of everything that makes “home.”
I am from the spiral of a ‘Wasp’s Nest,’
Coated with a powdering of sugar that sticks to my hair,
From the sweet aroma of cinnamon suspended in the air,
To the honey that sticks to my fingertips.

I am from the white of the egg I eat every morning,
From the sizzling of coconut oil, I wake up to hear,
From the white of milk, I pour in a glass,
From the laughter at the table where we all gather to eat.
I am from the cold of a winter blizzard,
From the pitter-patter of falling hail,
From the storm during which I was born.
I am from the crisp feeling of a fresh layer of snow
From the hazard of icy roads that creak and groan underfoot.
I am from the faint white glow of a brilliant full moon I sat under at night,
From watching and hoping to see a shooting star,
From countless prayers, I spoke up to the stars.

I am from the wide field of green my grandparents tend to,
From the blossoms of Spring flowers, they’ve planted,
From the promise of endless adventure yet to be discovered,
From the green of the mountains, I long to explore.
I am from soft petals that tickle my skin,
From the smooth edges of dirt on my bare feet,
From the gentle wind that sways at my hair.
I am from my faith which strengthens me,
From the God who guides and protects me,
From the family that loves me, and defines “home sweet home.”

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