Message to Readers

Hi everyone! This is my first "Where I am From" poem, and I would love to hear your feedback!

Where I am From

April 9, 2019

I am from the red of the paprika,
From the golden dust it leaves behind
And the ting of spice it leaves in my mouth.
I am from a steaming bowl of chopped meat stew,
From floating vegetables and boiling potatoes,
From a salty broth of everything that is home.
I am from the spiral of a ‘Wasp’s Nest’,
Coated with a powdering of sugar that sticks to my hair, 
From the sweet aroma of cinnamon suspended in the air,
And the honey that sticks to my fingers. 

I am from the white of the egg I eat every morning, 
From the sizzling of coconut oil I wake up to hear, 
And the white of milk I pour in a glass. 
I am from the cold of a blizzard,
From the pitter-patter of hail,
During which I was born. 
I am from the crisp of a fresh layer of snow 
And the hazard of icy roads
That creek and crack underfoot. 

I am from a wide field of green my grandparents tend to, 
From the blossoms of Spring flowers they’ve planted,
And the promise of endless adventure yet to be discovered.
I am from soft petals that tickle my skin,
From the smooth edges of dirt on my bare-feet, 
And the gentle wind that sways my hair.
I am from my faith which strengthens me, 
From the God who guides and protects me, 
From the family that loves me and defines ‘home sweet home.’

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