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I'm an aspiring novelist with a passion for free verse and epic fantasy (and occasionally being over-dramatic).
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valediction: (n) an act of bidding farewell or taking leave; a farewell speech

/ a goodbye in honor of hard transitions /


April 15, 2019

~~~ video performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz-W6aDlJhc&feature=youtu.be ~~~

do not want to say Goodbye—
the word hits me
    like a sledgehammer hits a stained-glass window,
do not like the jagged shards of bittersweet
    that line my path and scar my feet,
the word echoes, echoes, echoes
    like a theme song on repeat,
but it’s the song they play during the credits
    after the movie’s
always dreamed of a happily ever after,
    full of sunshine, and smiles, and laughter
but this is just The End,
    and it seems that my dreams
        are doomed to remain just that—
fairy tales.

I ask why
    must I face these farewells,
    can’t I challenge these swells
        of change,
    must I utter Goodbye
        once again?

And yet—
even in the midst of my internal agony,
I cannot help but hear
    a still, small something
        that stirs my grieving spirit with the barest whisper,
          am here.”

And suddenly my mind is clear
and I realize
    if the Creator of the universe,
        in all His infinity,
has promised me a happy ending—
who am I
    to worry over
a Goodbye
    that marks the end
        of what must be only the beginning?


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