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I'm bi(yes I'm saying that I like boys and girls, so deal)
I'm a Slythindor
And I believe that just because we are experiencing a pandemic doesn't mean it has to cause pandemonium(or the mass buying of toilet paper)

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I am someone who gets pissed off when they leave a classroom and hears one of their friends getting taunted for being gay. I am sick and tired of people acting like it's a bad word! The word's original meaning had nothing to do with sexuality people! Its original meaning is happiness! So why are we using it as a f**king insult?!?!

Fake Freedoms

April 11, 2019


When illusions are shattered
what will you see?
The true nature of freedoms
given to me
Of religion
Of speech
When illusions are shattered
what will you see?

How is it freedom?
When it's caged
How is it freedom?
If it's chained to the floor
It is freedom no more

To be free is to fly 
With the wind in the sky
Break the cage
Cut the chains
Let me go

I wrote these lyrics for a social studies project on the canadian charter of rights and freedoms, and want your opinions before i use them.


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