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I want to know if this poem flows smoothly, because some parts are choppy. Other advice is also welcome.

A letter to my best friend

April 15, 2019

I know it's raining hard inside
But I'll help you get through the night
And the weight of the world is crushing you down
Hold on tight, I won't let you drown

You think no one in the entire world loves you
And that you're locked up in an dark, lonely room
But I got the key to unlock you from your misery
C'mon, you're getting out, you're gonna be free!

Tear tracks have traced twisting roads down your cheeks
Every failure has brought you down to your knees
You stare at the heavens with glassy eyes,
wondering how it must feel to say goodbye

Its hurts to see you like this
Is there something that I missed?
Always saying that you're fine
Silent screams and pretty lies 

I'll hold your hand if you'll give me yours
and together we can travel to a whole different world
One where we're blasting music and singing our hearts out
leaping and dancing like no one's around

So please, open your eyes, just listen to what I'm telling you
Your scars are what make you the most beautiful
No matter how many times you push me away
I'll always be here to stay



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