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Dinner Parties

April 16, 2019

Tightly anchored swarms hold me 
            neck-deep in fizzling,
      crackling static. My breath catches when I
                              meet your eyes —
                  it feels mutated and automatic.
                                Templated conversation
                                   swims between the empty spaces 
                                 and faces are nervously waiting and  
                                       anticipating a pretty kind of coherence
                                                   but there are no more words 
                                                that could make me upright. 
                                                                  Giants embrace those 
                                                               fiddly nights of 
                                                                      backward talking as 
                                                                           discord gathers and aims. 
                                                                       Minutes close in on themselves 
                                                                and even magic could not alleviate the shame. 

This poem discusses the chaotic feeling of nervousness and anxiety when confronted with a new social situation. The style is heavily inspired by E.E. Cummings, who used the shape that his words made to convey his emotions better.


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1 Comment
  • AScribeCalledNoku

    The line breaking feed the feeling. The energy and anxiety I felt when bouncing from line to line. Wow. This is just...
    This reminds me of that delicious draining energy you get from finding a muse or being in love with someone who doesn't have a second thought about you.

    about 1 year ago