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I am a person who loves to write any time of the day... Especially narrative.

My World

September 26, 2019

My world, the alarm that greets me as I wake.
My world, the morning sun that strokes my sleepy face.
My world, the family that hugs me as I leave.
My world, the friends that smile when I'm seen.

My world, the classes that I attend during school.
My world, the boring times when I think about "Acul".
My world, the people I look forward to seeing at lunchtimes.
My world, the opportunities I'm taking all around.

My world, the hugs I give to friends when saying goodbye.
My world, the youth group I go to every Wednesday night.
My world, the moonlight that creeps through my window.
My world, the cozy bed I sleep in when into dreams I doze.

("Acul" is an inside joke.)


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