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Hi, would you guys review my poem with full honesty and sincerity? I would like to receive constructive criticism in order for me to be better, poem by poem. Thanks and God bless!


April 16, 2019

To God be the glory
I tell you this story
Not a bedtime story
Or an enticing novel
But one that you should grovel

I preach the truth
Not for my sake
But for you to take

If all you have is pride 
you'll suffer on the other side
but if you just listen
and understand my mission
to give you an impression
of this confession
and watch  
as my eyes glisten
when I talk about the One
Who has risen

I'm no magician
Nor am I a politician
I'm a homo sapien
my religion.

If your heart flickers
and your breath gets quicker
And my speech stayed with you like a sticker
as your mind gets richer and thicker

Respond to Him and believe
So that you may finally live
And be relieved 
That He forgives
All who receives

and sing with your voice
that the risen one
The Son
Shall come again
To judge 

And all who are saved
will be in heaven
For eternity



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