Elizabeth Hansen

United States

Purest Winter

June 10, 2019

Red leaves turn to brown
As sap swirls and hides away
Slowly moving around
To hide from the world, so cold and grey.

The world is emptied, cleansed, freed
As sleep clears the fog from minds
Winter removes all that impedes
Happiness, growth, the ability to strive

Then storms clear
And leave the world so pure
A sky so crisp (and full of reindeer.)
And beautifully azure.

But winter fades
And then comes April
Flowers spread through the glades
Bright, and horribly blissful.

The sun shines
Snow melts, and that is when
The world whines
Waiting for winter to come again.
This is a poem about the beauty and purpose of one of the least liked seasons to show that there is even loveliness in the cold and barrenness of winter.


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