United States


April 8, 2019

Thanksgiving Day. 2018.
Enter a room full of family.
All eyes on you.
You stand still.
Voices fill your ears.
"Are you ready to graduate?"
"Ready to leave?"
"Ready for college life?"
"Ready to achieve?"
"College is important"
"Where are you going"
"College is difficult"
"Won't be easygoing"
"Have you thought of the future?"
"Thought about the past?"
"Thought about your friendships?"
"Think they will last?"
"What will you do after?"
"After you leave?"
"What job are you getting?"
"What will you achieve?"
The talk.
It overwhelms you.
Those questions.
Fill your head.
Palms sweat.
It's dreadful.
May 24, 2019.
Will you end up successful?


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