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This Must Be What Love is Supposed to Feel Like

May 30, 2019


Hello, it is bride124 here:) Before you continue to read the following, I advise that you read the prequel called 
THIS MUST BE WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE . Well, I gave ya a heads-up. Read below with discretion. This is "This Must be What Love is Supposed to Feel Like" (I would have place this warning in the footnotes but it wouldn't make any sense since you would have already read the story...) 

"Some coffee and bread please," I ask the barista and sit at a empty table. It is 9:30, at the famous Blue Owl Coffee shop in Lansing. I sulk my head to the floor, still jet lag from the flight from Paris I was just on, landing merely five hours ago.
Paris. Phillipe.
I feel like puking. I sigh.
Philip is the love of my life. I don't know what I will do without him. I know, I am being silly. I mean, it was only one day.
"But it was a marvelous day," I tell myself.
I can't stand being four thousand miles away from him. 
"Here you go," my barista says while serving a espresso and a biscotti. Not exactly what I want, but the order isn't very specific, so I can't complain. After tasting the bitter coffee, I know immediately I need a few packets of sugar.
"Phillipe would call it sucre," I think while getting up from my chair. 
On my way back with two packs of Stevia in my hands, I clash with a man face front, with my forehead aching.
"Sorry," the man says with a heavy French accent while I clamp my hand on my sore forehead. 
"It is okay," I reply while swinging my hand back down and looking at the culprit. 
He has crippling blue eyes, long hazel eyes, and a radiant smile. 
"Is this déjà vu or are you..."
"What's up Sara," Phillipe says charmingly.
As soon as I am out of the state of shock, I hug him as tight as I can then grant him a kiss, still having many questions.
I start with one. "How are you here?"
"After you entered that plane, I didn't like how we left things. So I quickly bought a plane ticket and hopped on and followed you to this... unique coffee shop," he says while a giant smile.
"It is nothing like Coutume Cafe," he adds.
"I know."
I plant another kiss. 
"I can't believe that you are here," I grin with my arms wrapped around his neck.
He beams back like a reflex. Soon after our salutations, he sits next to me to enjoy coffee and bread with me.
"I wished we did more sweet, little moments before you left, like this," Phillipe says.
I touch his fingers.
"Me too. But to be fair, we did have a deadline," I include. 
I remember. We only had ten hours before my flight back in here. While going to all the beautiful of sites of Paris, I just knew it would be the best day of my life.
It is.
He nods in agreement.
"Now," he starts "I can think of one thing you didn't tell me that day."
I stare around in contemplation, wondering about what he is talking about. 
"What?" I say after a quick sip of my tart espresso.
"Your... occupation, you say?"
"My job?"
"Yes. What do you do?"
I sigh.
"I am a journalist. I am a editor of the Lansing State Journal."
I nod.
"How about you?"
Now it is his turn to sigh.
"I work at Louis Vuitton."
"Nice. Have you met Louis Vuitton?"
He laughs the way that I remember.
"He is dead."
"My bad."
I yawn and quickly check my watch. 
"I am so tired. I gonna get home. See ya."
I kiss him and before leaving the shop, Phillipe calls out my name.
"I am getting serious déjà vu again..."
"Ha ha."
"So...whatcha need?" I inquire.
"Now that I am moving about four hundred miles for you, can we go out for a real date? Since in Paris, it was so...précipité."
"Sorry. Rushed, I mean."
I give him a sweet, passionate kiss.
Then I walk home, grinning ear to ear.

                                                                                    one week later

I'm coming!"
I take a quick look in the mirror. With my long auburn hair in a ponytail, my white summer dress and sandals are nice for the occasion. I breathe in slowly.
"It is going to be fine."
I finally open the door.
Phillipe is staring intensely in my eyes, holding a carnation with nimble fingers.
"Ready for our first date, I see," he says in his handsome French accent, while handing me the lovely flower. 
"I am," I start.
Very nervous, I finish in my head. 
"Let's go!"
I cup his hand and we are off. After several blocks of small talk, we reach a park full of blooming flowers in the August air. In the center of the vacant, grassy plain is a large basket.
"A picnic?" I say in complete shock.
"Why so surprised? You think I can't do anything this romantic?"
"Trust me, I know that you are romantic," I say, having a quick reverie of the different sites of Paris they relished together.
"Good," Phillipe says with a quick peck on my cheek.
I pat the back of my dress to sit on the quilt. 
"What do we have here?"
"Glad you asked," Phillipe responds enchantingly. He opened the basket with a attractive grandeur. 
"Oh. My. God."
Inside, there is no food visible. The single thing there is a small black box.
"What's that?"
Phillipe gradually grabs it, gets into one knee and gently opens the black box.
"Kimberly Matthews," I input absentmindedly, knowing he isn't aware of my surname.
"Kimberly Matthews, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"

                                                                                  one year later
"And that is the story of our lives," I say to our one hundred and thirty guests.
"I am so glad that you guys were able to come to our wedding. Our love is a year and one week in the making. Please enjoy our cake while we dance! DJ, DROP THE BEAT!"
I cup my husband's hand and stroll onto the dance floor.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
"You know?"
"We'll always have Paris."
We kiss and dance the night away like it was our last.


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  • Samina

    Wowwwwwwww. Really inspired by your writing skills. Have no words for it.

    about 1 year ago
  • bride124

    Hopefully you have read the prequel?

    about 1 year ago
  • mason wong

    This is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    about 1 year ago
  • bride124


    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Awesome!!!!! I"m so glad they got together/had a happy ending!! :DDDD I was so glad to see this too! :DDDDDD

    about 1 year ago
  • BrokenSmile

    Time well spent, in my opinion.

    about 1 year ago
  • bride124

    Thank you! It took me a entire week to write the story. I am glad you like it!

    about 1 year ago
  • BrokenSmile

    It’s so beautifulllll! This is a nice love story, it’s not like one of those perverted ones that make me feel awkward, it just makes me happy. Keep writing!

    about 1 year ago