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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

im dippin in like one week y'all should know where to find me by now

the sands that blind me keep me alive

April 8, 2019


the rule around here is: keep your eyes down.

we are surrounded by hauntings that the light can't chase away,
no matter how harsh or how bright
the sun is just a sun, burning us down the the bone.
i used to wonder at the sirens that sang in the night,
check the news to sate my curiosity only to find that ever present
                                            n  o  t  h  i  n  g

that lines the street of this dusty city.
by now, i've learned that no news is good news
and when there's a breaking story it comes with a corpse.

the desert is described as blank and boring,
sand and heat and drought;
you'd think it's enough to keep people away,
but still they come in search of endless summer
while the rest of us keep our secrets close to our chest
and smile when they comment on the weather.

it's hard to differentiate between the dead and the living
when your whole life is filled with ghosts --
                i've been drifting, half blind, down barely familiar streets
                                and i don't know which category i fall under.

(the desert is a possessive thing; she won't give up her bodies without a fight.
all the buried bones in the sand carry a curse,
                but the moment your born here it's weaved into your blood --
                i've never known what it's like to belong to myself
                when the howling winds of night trap me between
                mountains that swallow the horizon

but the sky is blue enough that i can drown in it, and forever doesn't seem so long
when i know this southwestern desert has a home for me always waiting.)

here's the rule: don't ask questions, and the desert might let you out alive.
ive seen some strange things living in arizona


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  • Anha

    urban gothic; absolutely brilliant. no words.

    over 1 year ago