A Breath Into Silence

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I've been planning out this sci-fi novel for a long time..... and one of its planets is Leyilo! It's the third planet in from it's single sun, and has two moons. (They call the larger moon "Darkness" and the smaller moon "Shadow") It's atmosphere is toxic to most life-forms, which means that visitors need oxygen tanks.

Thanks for reading this!

Leyilo - #SciFi

April 10, 2019


The night was creeping in on the horizon when the young man appeared from nothingness onto the deserted plains of the planet Leyilo. There was no warning, no explanation. One minute, the crystalline plains of Oliya were filled only with humming blue crystals delicately spearing the heavens. And the next minute, a strange being was standing there, his very arrival absorbing the song of the plains. The sharp pop that came with his entrance echoed, bouncing itself into oblivion.

The man stood for a moment, head tipped back to see the stars appearing in the night sky. And then he collapsed into a heap on the ground.

It would take Oliya’s residents a day to discover the young man. It would take the man five more days to wake. And as he lay, sleeping, it quickly became clear that something was strange about him. 


The inhabitants of Leyilo were familiar with foreigners appearing unannounced on their planet - it was, after all, how they had been absorbed into the Galactic Coalition. The sleek starships had touched down on their lands and spewed out strange creatures that wore odd things on their heads and spoke of things like "peace". The Yila and the Oliyo, who inhabited Leyilo, were unfamiliar with this "peace" for there had never been "war", at least not on the level these strangers spoke of. So they had opened their arms and said, "we accept" and, when they had shown their sacred plains of Oliya to their new neighbors, the tourists and scientists had come in droves. 

But this, this was different. This strange being was so very, very different. He had not come by starship, but he was not native to the planet. He spoke in an unknown tongue that none of the Coalition's registers could translate or recall. He breathed with ease, but he didn't have the specialized lungs to deal with Leyilo's abnormally toxic atmosphere. His very being seemed to crackle with strange energy. In his hands he clutched a staff, hewn from a beautiful and exotic wood, that would not leave his grip.

By the time the stranger woke, the Oliyo and the Yila had called together an emergency council and sent a plea for investigation to the High Council of the Coalition. It wasn't that they were afraid, because they weren't, they weren't, they were not afraid.


The young girl who was sitting with the stranger when he woke was called Ndelaèilìlomon [stars-in-the-endless-void], but everybody called her Níela [star]. She was of the Yila tribe, carrying their distinctively blue skin and wide endless eyes. Her hair, a trait she had inherited from her Oliyo grandparents, was long and black, and held thousands of small beads and crystalline fragments that clinked gently when she moved.

The stranger drew in his first clear breath, the rattling noise of his lungs shocking Níela from her perch nearby. Her voice caught on the song she had been singing - an old lullaby - her vocal chords fluttering shut and all rational thoughts fleeing from her mind. The stranger was doing something, for the first time in days. 

It only took seconds to tap the holo-screen, fractions of a moment to send out the message that the stranger is waking, but it felt like eternity. 

And when the stranger turned his head to the side, groaning, and his eyes began to flutter open ------- time stopped. And Níela was caught captive in his silver-gold eyes.

"--??--??--??" he said, the language muddling in her mind.

"You're on Leyilo," Níela replied. "You're on Leyilo. We don't know who you are."

And she knew there was no way he could understand him, but Níela pointed at herself and said, "Ndelaèilìlomon."

There was a polite knock on the threshold of the door behind her - the scientists had come.

But before she left, the stranger lifted a finger, pointed at himself, and croaked, "Elent." 

And then she was hurrying out the door, careful not to step on the threshold.


Two days later, there was another knock on another threshold; this time it was Níela's own. She was sitting cross-legged on the smooth rock floor, and she looked up from her piles of paper and ink bottles, curious as to who her visitor was. She paused warily when she saw it was one of the scientists from before.

"I'm sorry," they said haltingly. "But he's asking for you and since you were the first person he met......."

"I understand," Níela said, rising from her position on the floor.


The stranger couldn't speak Galactic, but he seemed to be a quick study: it took him only a week to hold complete conversation. Níela taught him, carefully, about Leyilo and the Galactic Coalition, watched over by the curious eyes of the scientists. At their prodding, she asked Elent more and more about his home, his planet, and how he had come.

"It's complicated," he said. "I meant to step forwards, but I think I went.... ah.... sideways."

"I don't understand," Níela said.

"No, I don't expect you to. The scientists behind you say the closest thing they have come to it is these creations called 'wormholes'."

"Will you go soon?"

Elent closed his eyes, leaning back against the pillow. "Yes, I suppose I will. I miss my home."

Quietly, Níela said, "I've never left Leyilo but.... if I was to leave, I think I would feel the same."

"I think you will. You've got the stars painted in your future." At Níela's look, Elent explained, "It's just a feeling. You remind me of myself, a long time ago."


The entire Council came to see the stranger leave, watching as he twisted on his heel and stepped into the fabric of the universe. One moment, he was there, a mystery nobody ever expected to fully understand. The next, gone.

Seven years later, the girl known as Ndelaèilìlomon got into her own unexplained adventures. But that, of course, is another story entirely.



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  • A Breath Into Silence

    Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this short story :)

    10 months ago
  • SparklingEmbers

    I love the detail you poured into this! it's well developed and the way you pronounced names as...*tries to explain* *can't* This was so great, I love the differences in languages and this planet. I would love to learn more about the geographical features but you did an amazing job otherwise - good luck- winners announced on the 14th

    10 months ago