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April 8, 2019

PROMPT: #ListenFirst

Someone has rightly said that "God has given us two ears and one mouth, so listen more and talk less." I too stand by this statement. Listening to someone is both a privilege and a duty of the listener. He or she is extremely lucky to be regarded so trustworthy by a person, so much that they are sharing their thoughts with them. And it is a duty because if the person has trusted us with some knowledge, we should respect it and listen to it with our full attention. 

Generous listening for me is not just listening so that the other person stops and you can keep you point. Generous listening to me is when people actually try to understand what I am saying, respect the trust of me confiding my thoughts in them, and most important, listen with a neutral perspective, not biased. Whenever I am trusting someone with my secrets, the last thing I want is for them to form opinions about me on the basis of that one incident. I want people to be open to my talk, listen first and when I finish, then keep their viewpoint. Another major factor of generous listening is understanding what the person is trying to communicate. Personally, I feel amazing when my friends remember the smallest of the details and get the gist of my feelings I tried to communicate. That is because they listened. I feel blessed to have such people to confide into who listen to me babbling everyday. Thank you.

Listening to people always changes our lives in some way or the  other, even when we don't know it. Listening to our teacher teaches us life lessons and knowledge, listening to friends tells us about the mistakes we should never make, listening to our parents helps us everyday of our life, and so on. Basically, listening quietly can have a good effect on us without us even knowing about it. 

There are so many people who have given me valuable advice without even knowing it but one that stands out to me as of now is one given by my former chemistry teacher. In one of our classes at the beginning of the session, she very rightly told us all that whatever she will teach us, she wants us to connect it with our real life, irrespective of us choosing science as our career path. At first I found it cliche and did not take it seriously, but as I kept on listening, her words impacted me. From that day on, I remembered that whatever I do, I have to learn from it and gain knowledge. I have to try to apply it in my real life and connect with it on a day-to -day level. This may not seem very valuable to many of the readers, but I do know the impact it has had on me and how memorable it is for me. There are so many such advises given to me by my dad, mom, other teachers that I wanted to share. But for some reason, this incident stood out to me more than any other today and I will forever be grateful to God for gifting me ears and making me learn how to listen, without which  I probably would have lost my mind long ago, and also to my chemistry teacher- without her support, I would not have understood this so soon. 


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