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Age: 13
Birthday: August 29, 2005
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Writing Style: Free Writing
Favorite Book Genre: Sci-Fi

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I wouldn’t expect me to write much, I get distracted easily and rarely come up with good things I want to write about.

#Something is Coming

April 8, 2019


“Something is coming”, said the poor lost soul running at them from the east. Violently swirling behind him, a sand storm for miles on either side. The poor man looked dehydrated and starved, almost like he was only skin and bone. “Hurry this way!”, yelled the two young men walking through the desert with their camels. They both jumped on a camel and helped the lost soul on to the back of one of the camels. With great speed and grace, the camels sprinted through the desert, the sand storm not far behind. One young man looked back to see that they had just entered the storm. He heard lots of yelling and wailing of tortured screams. Then, just as quick as the storm came, it ended. His friends and their camels now gone. He walked around for hours, realizing he was very lost with no way of getting home. And there, he lied, lost, hot, scared, and hungry. And there he would die, the lost soul’s words echoing in his mind, “Something is coming”.


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  • Gray_1604

    Great entry! Thanks!

    over 1 year ago