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The only way to find a place to call home is to call everything home and see what sticks. Look, I already apologized for the arson, what more do you want?


September 25, 2019


Stop crying my darling, though tears fill the pipes, it's storms that break down the doors.
Start thinking, my dreamer of dreams, for dreams are not things you can build with.
You don't realize that by extension,
Murders must be Miracles, too.
Hitler was made of the same things stars are made of.
Tread softly-
Not because it is holy, but in fear of triggering the mines.
We're afraid of everything,  most of all each other
Your attention tears me until tears are at my eyes,
Think what your words do, your worlds do
Something to me.
Sprinting to the finish line, finishing last,
We're dangerously close to the end of it all,
Not because we're on the edge,
Because we're already falling.
It's not heights we're afraid of, it's falling, but it isn't falling we're afraid of, it's landing, and it's not landing we're afraid of it's death,
And it isn't death, because, my love, there are things far worse than death,
And we're about to see them all.
Give me a miracle, my love
One in a million is one too many
Because miracles aren't something to joke about.


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1 Comment
  • Loser

    This almost makes me think of war...a soldier writing home to his sweetheart.

    12 months ago