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i cried so hard my head hurts

April 9, 2019


it came to the point
i had nowhere else to go
no one else to talk to
no way for me to avoid
no emotion i could handle
so today, to put it simply
i gave up
right now i feel so empty
my throat is sore
my stomach feels full
(though I havent ate)
my heart in pieces
but worst of all
my head hurts
mom said drink water
dad told me he loved me
now i lay in bed
typing out my story
understand i am lost
understand i am broken
understand i am meant to be taken a break
i had no one else who would understand
no it wasnt a guy
or an epic love
just expectations that fell through
just ideas that got punched
 rumors that spread
girls that talked
i didn't want to be
that girl
who cried in bed
with her mother and father
but tonight, of tonight
i wanted to be their daughter


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1 Comment
  • Rose, Thorn

    Reminds me of myself which is why I could relate so well. I really liked this and I'm excited to read more of your work!

    9 months ago