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Silence is the Loudest Cry

April 7, 2019

Silence is the loudest cry,
After she's been hurt. 
Pain and rage fly to the sky,
And wither beneath the dirt. 

The quiet air can suffocate,
It rings on in your ear.
The sound of nothing is full of hate,
Starting after a single tear. 

A scream or shout are not as loud,
As the stillness wrapped around. 
For her silence isn't announced aloud,
She doesn't dare make a sound. 

You've stabbed her back and twisted the knife,
A pain that's like no other. 
She has no words to defend her life,
And no strength to suffer another. 

You've cut her hope, her dignity, her soul,
You've worn her to the core. 
And she now lacks the heart you stole,
You broke it and went back for more. 

Her silence is a harsh impression,
Of what she's felt from you. 
She's forced to muffle all aggression, 
From the pain you shoved her through. 

Her silence screams inside your head,
Of all the wrong you've done. 
All the horrors that you've said,
She only wanted to run. 

You pinned her down and held her tight,
She kept her clam for peace. 
Nothing now can make this right,
There's nothing for the pain to cease. 

You cut her deep and broke her heart,
And now you walk away. 
She never calls for the stolen part,
That you took along that day. 

You took her life, and what she had,
You tore away her dream. 
You just can't see that now she's mad,
And for that her whispers scream. 

She stands before you, and wonders why,
You forced hate to run through her veins. 
Her silence is the loudest cry,
And now forever her silence remains.


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