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A humble young storyteller who loves sunny days, brightly colored cacti, the ocean, and you.

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I'm a young storytellin' gal just over a month shy of being an actual, legal adult . . . that's a scary thought.
My writing passion is fiction/high fantasy, but every now and then I pop out an edgy poem or two about my feelings.
I am also a theatre kid. 100%. If writing is my passion, then acting is my dream.
I just love to tell good stories any way I can.

Cold As Ice

April 7, 2019


    There were tear stains on my face and bruises on my shins as I ran through the woods, trying to find the lake. The moon flickered through the black branches above me, sending the shadows spinning hypnotically through my watery vision. I fell more than once, skinning my knees and piercing my hands on wet roots and sharp sticks. I hardly noticed.
    I felt my muddy shoes sink into soft, sandy soil and collapsed to the ground on the shore, digging my hands into the wet sand. My tears soaked into the river bank and I sobbed, wishing that the sand would swallow me up.
I raised my head, and saw him standing there.
    His pale golden hair glowed with more than just the moonlight. His blue eyes were filled with tears, like mine, but his tears were silvery and disappeared when they fell.
    I sat up slowly on my knees and said nothing. My voice was too hoarse to make a sound. I only cried, my whole body trembling with every sob.
    He stepped gently to my side and knelt down next to me. His feet left no prints in the wet sand. He reached a hand up to wipe the dirt and tears from my face.
    But I felt nothing.
    "Jas," I choked.
    He was sobbing too. "Danni . . . I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
    "I need you, Jas. I need you. I can't do this without you, I can't, I can't . . ." My voice was nothing but a hoarse whisper as I clutched at the sand beneath me, resisting the urge to throw my arms around him instead.
    Suddenly, he started fading.
    "No!" I cried. "No, Jas, please! Stay with me, please! Please! Don't leave me, don't leave me, please stay with me!!"
He reached out to me one last time, crying as the light around him began to shatter and he took hold of my hand.
    I felt a sob tear its way out of my chest when I felt his hand.
    It was cold as ice.
    "Danni, you have to stay. Stay. Please, please stay. I'll come back, I swear. Just stay. Please," he begged, his grip tightening on my hand until it felt almost real.

    And then he was gone.


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