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Writing as the straight white man that I am on the concept of privilege... looking for both content and delivery comments :)


April 7, 2019


I have been told that as a straight white man I have been handed the world on a platter.
I did not want the world
We know that Atlas did not ask for his burden,
I ask you do I look like a titan,
And me and my brothers cannot fix the world anyway,
But I believe,
That if my brother’s fathers
Stopped beating your brother’s mothers,
Than maybe my brothers and me could hand you half of the world,
And let you bathe it in your beaten blood and baptize it anew,
And dance it to the beat of your ancestral drum because my martial rhythm has broken it in two,
And all this is trying to say is that I want to share the world with you,
Because maybe if my little white boy and your little black boy could hold hands and play
than we could teach the world that black and white are not opposites,
Just colors,
And mixing them together we could make the gray of the twilight beyond our last sunset,
And together we would gather round the fire of our mutual ancestry,
And dance to the syncopated rhythm of both our drums in harmony,
And sing of our inseparable struggle and our eventual victory and
I ask not for you forgiveness, as I hold on my back the hate of my inheritance,
I humbly ask for your acceptance, as together we will revel under the weight of our world


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  • wheredidtheusernamesgo

    @Lumisade: Thanks so much for your feedback!!! I was, as you may be able to tell A little worried about posting the poem, and you (very well thought out and considerate) comment has dissolved almost all of that anxiety. Thanks again!!!

    over 1 year ago
  • Lumisade

    I strongly agree with this.
    I am the daughter of a straight white male, and the sister of another. They are my beloved family and mean more than I can express to me. They are true gentleman and do not deserve the harmful stereotypes that are thrown in their direction.
    I am very much against modern feminism because of how much it has done to destroy the concept of chivalry and how blatantly it boasts that women are far superior to men. (Hint: women are not at all superior to men. I know. I am a woman.)
    Harmful stereotypes, racism, and sexism can come from literally any side. I wish people would open up their eyes and see that.
    About the poem, I really like your use of imagery. The last two lines, I think, are my favorite lines of the whole poem. I've sat here for several minutes trying to type out into words why, but I can't seem to grasp it. I just really like them.
    I think that this is a very good poem about admitting that harm has been done by all sides of the story, all kinds of people, and while that harm cannot be undone, we can learn to accept each other for who we are now and make a better world.
    All in all, very well done.

    over 1 year ago