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April 9, 2019


1.59am ticks over
as always
to 2am tears,
watching me from the windowsill
with glinting eyes:
you stride in
and usher a circus
through my gaping blinds

the clown comes first,
stumbling about my head
in all the colours of my foolishness:
a dozen falls
a misunderstood situation
17 years of clumsiness

the dancer follows,
spinning ribbons of
late night love affairs
distant strips of golden sand
the fairy tales i haven't quite
made true

then the juggler,
tossing books and dreams
and countless lives
about him just
to watch them crumble
at his touch

and the finale,
a thousand performers
kicking up dust
an acre of apologies
a couple of thoughtless words
a goodbye i never should have made

2.59am ticks over
to 3


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  • EAurora

    Yeah no problem! Just please credit me and send me what you come up with!! X

    5 months ago
  • LittleWolf

    Hey if I were to steal these for song, what would you say? (Hopefully yes!)

    5 months ago