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okay i came back and i changed some things and i dont know what to think about it... if you have any opinion on it please please please tell me!

our wild plethora of minds

April 7, 2019

They have been losing their words
Between the valves on the stoves
With clumps of dread
Falling of their bald heads
And I wonder if your hair
Is also clogging the drain
If you too became a smile
Lost at a carnaval fair
Trying to look less insane

I have been selling my words
To buy bucolic stoves
And I wonder if your stance
Is still starched at the spine
Or if you gave the floor a glance
And your back, like mine
Crashed in a desultory dance

I wonder if I left you
You, our plan, two souls
 No throne
Are you still immersed?
Imbued with a mad cry
With me dry on a reminiscence high
On how I,
Also dreamed of standing tall,
But when my growth grew the world small
I squeezed my life between
The stove and a wall

I wonder if we left them
Us, our gun, two mad souls
 A perfect crime.
If we detangled our minds,
Our imbroglio of rhymes
To exhale our subdued sigh
In between the lines


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