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Dear Dork

By: adlyn

PROMPT: Love in Words

Dear Dork,

You’re such a
n e r d.
You make the worst jokes.

“Let me give you my two cents”
While placing two pennies in my hand.

You’re so
l a m e.
You say the weirdest things.

“New business idea: Go Kart obstacle course”
One late, late night.

You’re so
c r a z y.
You do the most stupid things.

“I threw water out of bucket to see how fast it would freeze”
When you were in Alaska.

But you make me laugh.
Really, really laugh-
A snorting, ugly pig laugh
That you make fun of me for.
Now I’m a “little piggy”
But you have always been
“My dork”

And I’m thankful for that.

Peer Review

I love how this is formatted, and I think if it was written in an essay format then a lot of the sensory details that the reader feels or imagines a they are reading would get lost. I also think it's very clear that in this letter the writer has a love for the person they are writing to as well as trying to cover that up by making a joke out of it, and I think that too could be easily lost in an essay format.

I don't have any specific questions or suggestions on the piece because I think the way it is is truly amazing. I'm left with this fuzzy feeling of love after that just makes me want to hug the nearest person to me, but this isn't cringey love or overly romantic love, it's just really pleasant to read. If I had one question though it would be if the "dork" person actually said those things if they are a person in real life.

Reviewer Comments

I just LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Whenever I'm feeling sad I'm going to read this and I know it will cheer me up. Looking forward to reading more of your writing! You are awesome.