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executive dysfunction yay.
this is very different from my usual stuff but hey i'm a week into writing a poem every day things are bound to get wacky

morning routine #escapril

April 7, 2019



six twelve starts like this:
pull your legs up.
everything begins when you have your legs.
one foot two feet. your socks are warm. 
forgive the cold.
don't be jealous of the sun.
the birds will sing company. 
hum if you have the lungs. i believe in your lungs.
toothpaste smear. change your shirt.
drop the cap. bend over. pick it up. 
the creaking of your back is loudest in your own head. 
you are here. you are intact. you are bones that crack. 
stomping stairs. the earth is quiet. do not be ashamed of waking her. 
hello to the cat. she is tired too. brush the hair off your jeans. 
open window. birds sing company.
hum. i believe in your lungs. 
later you will feel the sky crashing down. you will be the only one it falls on.
later you will wonder why you used your legs at all. 
later you will be scared of tomorrow's morning. wonder how you survived this one. 
wonder how you will ever survive anything ever again. 
but now you will make oatmeal.
you will eat it.
you will look out the window.
you will see the sun make her appearance.
see the clouds that part for her.
see the world that opens, that will always open
see the sky that will crash. but for now it is here
and it is endless and you are under it,
you are so lucky to be under it.

for escapril day 7 (!!!!) start with a time of day


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