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April 7, 2019


I am confused
I felt so in love
I could have written ballads about you
I did write ballads about you
Was it superficial?
Had you been ugly 
Would I have seen you the same way?
Why do I love you?
How did I get so attached?
I knew a lot about you
But it was all surface level
How can you love someone 
Who you don't truly know
You were perfect in my mind
I don't know why
Now you are leaving
I feel like my life will lose meaning
Because I revolve around the person I love
Instead of revolving around myself
It's like I need someone to pursue
It's a game 
But I get too attached
I don't know how I feel
Maybe this was a calling
To stop focusing on people
That won't make me happy
And start focusing 
On me 
Because the only person
That I'll have to live with forever 
Is me 
I don't understand 
Why I love people
Who can't ever love me back 
But thank god the universe decided to smack
Me out of this trance
You might have been good
But I loved you more than I loved me



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