i don't understand you

April 7, 2019



I don't understand you
We talked until the sun started to rise
We swapped our biggest secrets 
We told each other who we loved
We typed until our fingers were numb
And our eyes were heavy and sore
We did this countless times
You said I knew you
You said I was different
If I'm different
Why can we only talk over text
If I'm different
Why haven't we talked in weeks
If I'm different
Why do you sit with those who you said you hated 
Over me 
Am I just
Somewhere to vent your feelings
A pet to feed with empty compliments 
You say nobody wants you
You say you're alone
Then who am I to you
You talk about your friends
As if they were your enemies
You blame everything but yourself
When something isn't right
Have you ever thought
That you aren't destined to be lonely
You just set yourself up to fail
If I'm worth so much to you
Prove it
Empty compliments won't cut it
I'm worth more than that 



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