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Me Media

April 16, 2019

Act I

It began as a storm on the world,
A calamity bringing static and data to all those who live. It promised connection, creation, and interaction. The phenomenon was called Me Media.

It ran like a self-gratification plague, making sure the "me" was placed as a priority, not a minority. The platform became a mask of the things we only wanted to show;
The stars in our eyes,
The flowers from our mouths,
The oceans in our souls.

Me is for media. Not you. 

Act II

The "me" turned to memes,
Bent bones from stealing teens, 
Mirrors became computer screens
Oh, me! I want to be free! 

But alas, the newsfeed goes on, 
Down to the pits of hell, 
Where demons are even scared
Of what lies beyond all that content;

A tower of data shards - 
All-knowing, calculating, stimulating, 
Stemmed from the protocol
Media turned King!

Yet, everyone was their own God, 
They carved the landscape of society
Into their own image of likeness; 
A world of ego. 

Numbers skyrocketed from their tips, 
A pantheon of reacts they watched from, 
Worship was a daily thing, 
Soon, it was in the people's blood

However, when their rivers dry up, 
A void forms from their chests:
They felt empty.


         at             the

                                  light of day. 



      no longer



Act IV

The world out of order. 
World, out of the order. 
World order
Out of the order. 
Chaos from disorder. 

/ The phenomena called Me Media. /

Of the three things Media promised - 
Connection left Winter in the deepest reaches of our hearts: Isolation
Creation rampaged through mercilessly, irrevocably damaging our skin: Discord. 
Interaction only meant our eyes, but not our beings, who were left rotting: Despair.

The earth receded away into data, 
Leaving "the nothing" with nothing more
But the once number of likes, 
Of comments, 
Of shares, 
Of views,
Of posts
They once loved and craved...

Act V

The tower of data stood
In silence among its shards, 
Reflecting what was once important, 
Its citizens long left this planet
In search for their lovers

Media is dead,
But its history will live on
Of what was once me
Turned to you, 
To us
And beyond our own writers
Lately, these quotes had a huge impact on how I perceive social media and how it's promoting me over the importance of others. It's good to have self-worth, but this should never replace what truly matters, and that's love and support for other people.

"You are not important." 

- Fr. Jerry Orbos

"Listen. Just because you have psychic powers doesn't make you any less human. It's the same as people who are fast, people who are book smart, and people with strong body odor. Psychic powers are just another characteristic. You must embrace that as part of yourself and continue to live positively. The truth behind one's charm is kindness. Become a good person. That is all."

- Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho 100

Out of context, they do seem far-fetched from what I'm trying to point at, but these two quotes regarding loving others and not just yourself inspired me to write this piece.


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  • r|A|i|N

    very clever & true to itself - gorgeous

    about 1 year ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    this is soooo fascinating- act 3 caught my eye. I don't know if you'll see this but if so im on instagram now @mezagucci and feel free to message me to keep in touch <33

    about 1 year ago